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About Amniotic Therapies

Based in Dallas, Texas, Amniotic Therapies specializes in the processing and distribution of human amniotic tissue products for the biologic and regenerative medicine segments of the healthcare market. Amniotic Therapies’ mission is to provide superior human amniotic tissue products that naturally enhance the body’s healing ability, providing patients with improved healing.1

Amniotic tissue products may potentially improve outcomes and shorten recovery times from spine surgeries and fractures. Amniotic products have may also potentially treat bone non-unions with tremendous success. At Amniotic Therapies, the goal is to increase the use of amniotic tissue biologics in multiple surgical and non-surgical applications including but not limited to wound care and eye surgery.

Amniotic Therapies produces AlphaGEMSTM amniotic tissue product with its AlphaPeakTM processing system.

AlphaGEMS is processed from donated human amniotic tissue derived from live, healthy pre-screened donors after childbirth. To assure patient safety, Amniotic Therapies’ donor selection and amniotic tissue recovery and processing procedures meet or exceed all applicable medical industry standards. All tissue is acquired from a facility accredited by the American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB).


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